Tragedy struck the Perth Hills in 2014 when a bushfire burned down 57 homes, affecting nearly 200 residents and property owners in the area. Sadly, like many other bushfires, the event could have been completely avoided.

After a brief investigation, it was found that the bushfire was the result of a poorly maintained wooden power pole that was in “deplorable” condition. Because of rot and termite damage, all it took was a gust of wind to cause the pole to tumble to the ground and ignite the surrounding dry foliage.

189 property owners and residents have now come together to file a class action against Western Power about the power pole.

A question of responsibility

The case raises an interesting question: Who is responsible for the state of a power pole when it is situated on private property? The homeowners argue that the electrical company is responsible and should have checked the pole when they were in the area two days prior. The electrical company says otherwise, claiming that they are only responsible for the top portion of the pole where the cables connect.

The case is currently ongoing in the Supreme Court.

An avoidable circumstance with bushfire proof poles

As the number of bushfires affecting our community climb decade after decade, this makes it all the more important that public organisations and private property owners alike do their due diligence and invest in bushfire proof poles.

Bushfire proof poles can prevent the loss of homes, vehicles, and lives because of their outstanding durability and fire resistant qualities. One of the leading products in this space is the Titan Power Pole.

Titan Power Poles are:

100% rot and termite proof
Titan Power Poles aren’t made of wood like other power poles. The very reason which sent the power pole in the above instance falling to the ground could not happen with a Titan Power Pole.

Rust and bushfire proof
The material used to construct the Titan Power Pole also makes it entirely rust and bushfire proof.

A non-conductive power pole
Even if lightning strikes the pole, it will not spark and increase the threat of a bushfire.

These bushfire proof poles have undergone extensive testing to prove that they are virtually fireproof. This type of pole has been tested according to UL94 and according to Energy Networks Association of Australia protocol.

Common concerns about bushfire proof poles

The most common concern that comes to mind is the cost. Wood may be a less expensive power pole option upfront, but the lifetime cost of installing these poles is significantly lower. Every bushfire pole installed by Payless Power Poles is also backed by a lifetime warranty, giving you peace of mind.

These poles do have their limitations, having a larger diameter of 240mm at the base and 160mm at the tip. Despite their larger size, they are lighter in weight than their wood and concrete counterparts and are available in heights ranging anywhere from 7.2m to 12.5m.

Finally, there is the question of how cables can be run on and through the pole. The unique hollow design of the Titan Power Pole means that cables can be run inside of the pole, improving the pole’s safety and security.

Find out more about bushfire proof poles with Payless Power Poles

Titan Power Poles are Australian utility approved bushfire proof poles with over 10,000 poles now in service across the country. To learn more about this revolutionary product, speak with one of Payless Power Poles’ Level 2 Accredited Service Providers today on 0418 181 873.


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