Types of Power Poles

Network pole

These are the poles that carry the large electrical cables along your street. You will typically have a wire that runs from your home or private pole to the network pole in the street. These poles also carry communications cables and street lighting where required. Network poles are the responsibility of the network operator eg: Ausgrid

Lead in pole

A lead in pole is a pole that sits across the road from a network pole, it does not carry power lines down the street but across the road. A lead in pole will generally have 1 connection to a network pole and several connections to houses on the side of the road where it sits. It’s similar to a double or triple adaptor with one supply in and several out. These poles also keep aerial cables high above the road before they descend down to the points of attachment on the fascias of homes. Lead in poles are the responsibility of the network operator eg: Ausgrid.

Private pole

A private pole is generally a smaller pole installed on private property. These poles are required for a variety of reasons including but not limited to; height of aerial cables, passage of aerial cables, safe access to a point of attachment. Private poles are the responsibility of the customer. The customer is also responsible for the cables running from the private pole to the network or lead in pole.

Telecommunications pole

This is a pole installed by a telecommunications company for the purpose of running their network cables. These are generally only installed where there is not already an electrical network pole to use for this purpose. Telecommunications poles are the responsibility of the network operator.

Lighting pole

Even where the electricity network has been installed underground (as occurs in many new developments) there is still a need for street lighting poles.

Temporary builder’s pole

A temporary builder’s pole is a private pole erected just inside a property to allow a connection to the network for building or construction purposes, a meter box that houses metering equipment and a power outlet is mounted on the pole to allow access to electricity for the purposes of building a house or structure. These poles can be removed when construction is complete or if placed correctly at time of installation can be converted into a private pole to supply the permanent structure. Temporary builders poles are the responsibility of the customer and so are the cables running to the network or lead in pole.

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