Exceptional Switchboard Upgrade Services in Sydney

switchboard upgrade in Sydney is a crucial thing to do if you want a stable electrical system in your home. If you are looking for an electrician who can help install and replace your current unit, talk to our electricians at Payless Power Poles.

We are a level 2 electrical contractor with a license to work in both the Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy Network areas. Our technicians have the necessary qualifications and training to install, repair and maintain the overhead and underground service lines. Apart from that, we also supply, install and connect power poles to the supply network. Our level 2 electricians are happy to discuss your project with you. Reach out to us in person or over the phone if you need assistance with your switchboard upgrade.

Switchboard Upgrade Sydney
Switchboard Upgrade Sydney

Over 20 Years Upgrading Switchboards in Sydney

Our certified technicians strive to provide an exceptional customer experience during a switchboard upgrade in Sydney. Whether you live in a suburb or rural area, you can be sure that our team has the relevant experience and equipment to connect your switchboard safely.

When you call us, our electricians will want to know more about the services you require. We’ll listen to your needs and if we don’t need to come to your home to analyse the job, we’ll give you the quote over the phone. On the other hand, if we must come to your location, we will schedule a proper time and send the quote within 24 hours.

Our company takes pride in providing all our services at the most competitive rates. Therefore, the quote we give you is transparent and doesn’t come with hidden costs. We allow clients to make payments once we finish the job.

Why You Need a Switchboard Upgrade in Sydney

switchboard upgrade in Sydney is a valuable investment for your home because the unit helps to redirect electricity from the main supply to a specific area. Without it, it’s impossible to run different appliances, such as chargers, TVs, radios, etc.

Besides that, getting a new switchboard ensures the safety of your home and you acquire updated electrical safety requirements. Other benefits include:

  • Lessening the risk of fire or shock
  • You reduce the chance of overloading your switchboard
  • An upgrade can help if you want to install a solar panel
  • Your fuse won’t blow

Our level 2 electricians will ensure that the connection is correct. We will carry all the equipment on board so that we can finish installing your new switchboard on time. 

Switchboard Upgrade Sydney


Talk to us today at 0418 181 873 if you need a switchboard upgrade in your Sydney home.

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The Right Power Pole at the Right Price

Payless Power Poles offer competitive rates for supply and installation of galvanised steel, treated hardwood timber and the new revolutionary, lifetime warranty Titan composite pole. Including all associated network connections and  Level 2 ASP Electrical work on the Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy Networks.


Lifespan 10 – 15 years

Small in size

Cables can run inside pole

Protection against rot

Termite proof

Can be painted





Lifespan 15 – 25 years

Larger in size

Cables run outside pole

Salt corrosion protection

Treated timber

Natural look





Lifetime warranty

Rust Proof, Rot Proof, Termite Proof

Fireproof and Non Conductive

Lowest carbon footprint

Cables can run inside pole

Can be painted




Need help choosing?

Payless Power Poles are happy to discuss your next project in person or over the phone to choose the correct pole to suit your requirements. CALL US TODAY!

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Payless Power Poles are happy to discuss your next project in person or over the phone to help choose the correct pole to suit your needs.


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