A question many enquirers ask is about underground and overhead power pole connections in Sydney. How do we choose one type of connection over another? How can we know which connection method is the best?

The answer isn’t so straightforward as each type of connection has its place.

The benefits of overhead power pole connections

This process kicks off with the installation of a power pole (which can be made of many different materials including wood, steel, and cement). Once the poles are secured, wires and additional equipment (such as fuses, transformers and reclosers) are installed.

Overhead power lines are beneficial in a number of ways:

Less expensive than underground wires
Faster to build
Easier to spot faults and less costly to repair or upgrade
Can be built in and on any terrain
No voltage limitations

The benefits of underground power pole connections

Underground power lines require a bit more work. First, a trench deep enough to keep the power lines far away from objects and surface activities must be dug. The wires are then laid over conduits or directly on the ground. The trench is filled and the surface is returned to its original state. Equipment, such as padmount transformers, is installed so that electricity can be delivered to nearby homes and businesses.

Underground power wires may not be a possibility in rocky or difficult terrain because of the need for a trench. But in other environments, these power lines can be extremely beneficial:

Cannot be seen, so the pleasing appearance of the surroundings is maintained
Cannot be damaged by environmental dangers like high winds and lightning
Trees and foliage cannot come in contact with the wires

Underground and overhead power pole connections: which to choose?

When it comes to the debate over Sydney underground and overhead power pole connections, the answer as to which one to choose will depend on the circumstances.

Underground power connections are often the first choice because they don’t compromise the aesthetics of a neighbourhood. But this method does have its limitations, and it is more costly than overhead connections.

Overhead connections are more susceptible to environmental factors because they are constantly exposed to weather and the elements, but this doesn’t mean that underground power connections are immune to wear and tear. Underground wires can and will corrode over time, and it is more difficult and expensive to assess faults in underground wires.

Generally speaking, the further a wire has to travel to deliver power, the better that wire will be serviced with an overhead power connection. It’s not only more economical, but it makes tapping, modifying, and rerouting lines to service customers easier and more efficient.

In smaller communities and throughout established neighbourhoods, underground power connections are the preferred choice. Power wires will likely require little servicing for long periods of time, and this way power lines won’t negatively impact the appearance and the value of a home.

Sydney underground and overhead power pole connections with Payless Power Poles

Payless Power Poles specialise in the installation and replacement of both underground and overhead power pole connections in Sydney. Our team of Level 2 Electricians can handle electrical projects of any scope and are available to provide services such as:
Underground and overhead service cables (UGOH)
Power pole installs and replacements
Switchboard upgrades
Single and three phase upgrades and service lines
24-hour emergency repairs

Plan your best path to power with Payless Power Poles today, by contacting us online or calling 0418 181 873.


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