The timber versus titan power pole argument continues to rage on in the electric industry with good arguments on both sides. But in some situations, developers and property owners are better off choosing a composite power pole made from both fibreglass and cement like Titan Poles from Payless Power Poles over their wooden brethren to prevent costly damage and to sufficiently protect their path to power.

Some pros and cons for timber
power poles in Sydney

Where you are located will be a major factor in which type of power pole is most suitable for your needs. Here in metro Sydney, Titan Poles are often the smarter choice for a number of reasons.

Timber poles are attractive in that they can be more cost-effective and, if appropriate for the environment and well maintained, can have a lifespan of several decades. These poles may not be the best choice for many local communities, however, and here are some reasons why:

1. Decay resulting from moisture
In cities which are on or near the coast, like Sydney, it is common for timber poles to decay prematurely because of the ever-present moisture in the air. While there are preventative measures which try to maintain the integrity of a timber power pole, these measures can be costly and are not always effective.

2. Exposure to brush fires
Extreme water drought and brush fires are frequent events here in Australia, and they are increasing in frequency and intensity every year. Because of its natural combustibility, timber power poles can be damaged if not destroyed should a fire occur near or on your property.

3. Damage caused by pests and wildlife
One of the most common reasons why timber poles need to be replaced is because of damage caused by wildlife. Termites, pest infestations, and other animal-related problems can be an obstacle and ultimately result in the costly repair or replacement of your timber power pole.

How Titan Poles address common power pole problems

Payless Power Poles in Sydney offers Titan Poles as an option for commercial and residential properties because they are a safe, long-lasting, economical choice for many properties and applications.

1. Decay-proof
Because Titan Poles are made of cement, they will not decay like their wooden counterparts. They are UV proof and can even be used in saline ground conditions and for marine applications!

2. Fire-proof
Another benefit to Titan Poles: they cannot be damaged in the event of a brush fire. These cement poles are completely fire-proof.

3. Pest-proof
Titan Poles are impenetrable. No pest, termite, or other forms of wildlife can damage or destroy these poles.

An eco-friendly customisable pole for almost every electrical need

Titan Poles are not chemically treated and are 100 percent recyclable. These AS/NZS 4676 compliant poles are available from 7.2m to 12.5m in height with the option to extend up to 23m as a two-piece pole, and they feature a number of other benefits like:
They can be drilled and screwed into.
The poles are hollow so cables and wires can be internally run through the pole, improving electrical safety and security.
Each pole is outfitted with an RFID chip, making each pole easy to identify and maintain.

Explore your power pole options with Payless Power Poles in Sydney

Payless Power Poles specialise in providing power poles of all lengths and types to accommodate the needs of our clients. If you are considering cement Titan Poles or would like to learn more about your options, we welcome you to contact us online or call us today at 0418 181 873.


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